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Project Highlights

Act 44 Regulations and Support - PennDOT / Harrisburg, PA

Activity Model Research and Support - FDOT / Tampa, FL

Freight Flow Model - H-GAC / Houston, TX

FITSEval Integration, Training and Support - FDOT / Tallahassee, FL

Freight Supply and Demand Analysis - SPATS / Spartanburg, SC

Freight Rail Grant Regulations and Policy Recommendations - PennDOT / Harrisburg, PA

Integrated Land Use / Transport Model Framework - FDOT / Statewide

Integrated Regional Land Use / Transport Model - ALDOT / Montgomery, AL

Human Service Transportation Coordination - PennDOT / Harrisburg, PA

Mode Choice Model - INCOG / Tulsa, OK > view

Model Migration and Improvement Program - SJTPO / Vineland, NJ

NCHRP 836-B: Guidebook for Planners: Evaluating and Communicating Model Results - TRB

NCHRP 836-B: Validation and Sensitivity Consideration for Statewide Models - TRB

New Starts Forecasts Review and Support - FTA > view

Onboard Passenger Survey and Analysis - INCOG / Tulsa, OK

Regional Goods Movement Analysis - RRRC / Culpeper, VA > view

SERPM User Program Updates - FDOT / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

SHRP2-C20: Freight Demand Modeling and Data Improvement Strategic Plan - TRB

Tidewater Super-Regional Model - VDOT / Richmond, VA

Transit Performance Review: Capital Area Transit (CAT) - PennDOT / Harrisburg, PA

Truck Model Refinement - FDOT / Tampa, FL

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