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Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission

As freight movement in the Rappahannock-Rapidan region of Virginia boomed, traffic and congestion worsened. The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission (RRRC) sought to address freight's growing strain on its transportation network by studying and assessing the influx of goods movement. In doing so, RRRC could better understand how to mitigate the growing stress on its highways and roads.

From start to finish, Whitehouse Group managed both the coordination and technical aspects of the project. WGI developed the regional goods movement analysis by utilizing a comprehensive array of data in the region, such as employment in freight-related industries and transportation and land use connections.

The analysis included a freight infrastructure profile that detailed regionally-significant landmarks, a goods movement profile, and a final report that summarized nearby state and local planning improvements. For the greatest amount of precision, both reports incorporated an extensive amount of research, e.g., traffic counts, local traffic studies, TRANSEARCH data, primary truck routes, and other considerable factors. A broad, unique range of skill sets were deployed to collect such data--ranging from personable conversations with truck drivers to hard data collection from local agencies.


     Culpeper, VA

Services Completed:

  • Freight infrastructure inventory and assessment
  • Job and economic impact of goods movement analysis
  • Presentations and coordination with local shippers, employers and other studies
  • Analysis of Transearch, FAF, CFS, Census, Commonwealth and local databases
  • On-site interviews with major shippers including the Virginia Inland Port
  • Geospatial analysis and mapping

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