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Whitehouse Group Completes Transit Performance Review

In July, 2007, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed Act 44, establishing the framework for a transit system performance review process. The purposes of the review are to assess performance, make transit systems aware of improvement opportunities and to provide a mechanism to provide feedback to the State on ways they can help streamline state support. The transit review process is an intense, short-duration effort intended to assess a transit system for efficiency, effectiveness and best practices. The reviews are conducted in a manner designed to minimize impacts on the day-to-day transit operations and cover the most recent operating year as well as five year trends.

Working with Michael Baker, Jr., Inc., Whitehouse Group has supported all aspects of the transit performance review process from the development of a prototype study for the Capital Area Transit (CAT) service area to assessments of transit agencies in both rural and urban contexts. Specific areas addressed during the assessment include governance; management; labor relations and human resources; operations; maintenance; scheduling; finance and accounting; planning; capital programming; security; safety; information technology; customer service; marketing; and purchased transportation services.

Services Completed

  • Development of National Transit Database (NTD) Act 44 metrics relating to the efficiency of service delivery
  • Development of Master Interview Templates that can be applied to all agencies and modes
  • Peer system review and selection
  • Legacy document review
  • On-site interviews and performance assessment
  • Development of five year performance targets
  • Coordinating findings among participants
  • Final report development
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