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Federal Transit Administration

Whitehouse Group now provides the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) with three major support services for New Starts, Small Starts and Very Small Starts projects across the United States:

  • Review of travel forecasts
  • Preservation of travel forecasts
  • Assistance with before/after studies
These three services will help the FTA address new legal responsibilities. The FTA has been tasked with assuring Congress that projects receiving recommedations for federal funding under the 49 U.S.C. Section 5309 "New Starts" program are "good" projects that are sustainable and demonstrate a public benefit proportional to the public investment. Although this task may seem straightforward, the approaches to accomplish this are as varied as the reasons for the projects.

Review of proposed transit projects begins with an understanding of the impetus for each project. There are many reasons why sponsors promote projects. They can range from increasing efficiency and competitiveness of existing service to hopes of spawning economic development.



Services Provided:

  • Review of Travel Forecasts
  • Comparison of Reported Model Inputs and Forecasts with Model Results
  • Multi-platform testing and Verification of Travel Demand Software, Computers and Storage Media
  • Cross-check and Comparison of SUMMIT Results
  • Long-term Archive (10+ years) of Model Data Sets and Results

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