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Indian Nations Council of Governments

Modeling plays an important role in answering complex questions that arise in the transportation planning process, but, conversely, those who use such models are facing increasing budgeting and staffing constraints. Recognizing these constraints, Whitehouse Group developed a state-of-the-practice mode choice model for the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) that quickly analyzed transit issues within the Tulsa area while still remaining sufficiently flexible enough to meet the demands of a growing region.

Whereas typical modeling development is done behind closed doors, our approach relied on providing proactive coordination between the model development team and those defining the anticipated use of the adopted mode choice structure. We used sophisticated software (Cube Voyager) while still taking the development process "out of the black box."

Finally, and just as importantly, the success of the Tulsa mode choice model depended on having a team that valued the project's objectives and the dynamics of the region as much as having a thorough understanding of federal and local certification and review requirements. These standards, set by the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) certification review for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), were aptly met.


     Tulsa, OK

Services Provided:

  • Assess Available Data Needed to Validate Mode Choice Model
  • Identify Suitable Mode Choice Model
  • Develop Transit Networks and Path Algorithm
  • Review and Finalize Adopted Mode Choice Coefficients
  • Implement and Calibrate Mode Choice Model
  • Training Workshop

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